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Precision Machining and Assembly

Livingston Tyler Products is a global leader in the manufacture of critical components for the Marine and Transportation Industries. Since 1951, we have been providing our highly valued customers with the highest quality engineered products. We utilize our 70+ years of experience to develop manufacturing processes which support lean and reproducible results with industry leading quality and delivery. Specializing in high volume CNC Swiss multi-axis lathe machining, we can CNC machine up to a 36"envelope size. Our lean mindset and diverse engineering talent allows us to compete with any manufacturer around the globe.


Our engineering team has a combined 120 years of experience, having developed IP in industries ranging from Aerospace & Aviation, Defense, Marine, Transportation and Industrial.There is no job too big or small, or complex, that we can't handle. 


While specializing in high volume precision machined products, we can support your more complex low volume/high mix needs as well. We have the flexibility and know-how to deliver on your products needs with the fastest possible lead time in the industry. We pride ourselves on being customer centric, and can rapidly support your assembly line when other suppliers have failed to deliver.


While specializing in CNC machining, we are expanding into the Electrochemical Machining and Additive Manufacturing arenas. We pride ourselves on embracing the latest and most advanced technology in order to provide our customers with the greatest value possible. 


We are happy to review any quote package that would fit our machines. Please send us an RFQ or each out via the Contact page.  



Simply put, our business is built on three pillars: Cost, Quality and Delivery.


With a 98% On-Time Delivery rate, we understand the challenges our customers experience when suppliers fail to deliver their critical parts as needed. We can help solve your inventory and cash pressures when other suppliers fail to deliver. 


By utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies and lean production techniques, our shop rate is comparable with many international low cost manufacturing sources. At Livingston Tyler, our customers receive the U.S. manufacturer benefits without the inherent risks of an international supply chain.  


Having supported many customers in countless industries over our 70+ year history, we understand that Quality is non-negotiable and a must have requirement. We pride ourselves on the highest quality standards and robust statistical validation and inspection techniques. 

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